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Situated in Faulx-les-Tombes, not far from Namur, the Hontoir Sawmill produces wood specifically for parks and gardens for companies and private individuals. Our vast stock as well as rapid response when an order is placed, enables us to deal efficiently with all requests. You also get professional advice from us as and when needed.

Wood for parks and gardens from the Hontoir Sawmill

Wood for parks and gardensOak sleepers

These oak sleepers are always highly prized in the garden as decorative wood.
Dimensions of the oak sleepers: Length: 1.8 m, 2.2 m, 2.4 m, 2.6 m or 3 m and over.

Wooden fence posts

Wooden fence posts are very much in demand because of their rustic and lasting aspect. The Hontoir Sawmill supplies posts in many formats.
Dimensions of our fence posts: 7-7 cm, 10-10 cm, 12-12 cm, or 15-15 cm. The length is provided to measure.

Terrace wood (oak and ash)

Terrace wood /strong> is made rot-proof by being heat treated at 200 degrees. It constitutes an alternative to exotic wood, which may prove attractive for both ecological and financial reasons. Terrace wood extends the cosy character of a home to the outside. It will retain its warm character with time.
Dimensions of our terrace wood in ash (one profile smooth, the other ribbed): Width: 135mm; thickness: 20 mm; length: 2.10 m and more. For oak: Length 135mm and more; thickness: 21 mm; length 2 m and more.

Cladding wood (ornamental woodwork)

The Hontoir Sawmill supplies cladding wood in oak, larch or ash to measure. Contact us for more details or advice.

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